Our Guide

In the walk of life, we do feel alone,

With travellers known or unknown.

We all need someone by our side,

One who can steer way as a guide.


One who serves with great devotion,

Without any tiny bit of expectations.

One untangled by close emotions,

Smiles at every life’s commotion!


In few words, blunt and precise,

One who can train us to be wise.

One who pulls a string of possible,

From things we thought impossible!


One whose touch on our individuality,

Imbibes in us the value of sincerity.

In this world of fake complexities,

One who shapes our authenticity!


One who endorses perseverance,

Yet warns against self-preference,

One who is aware of every brutality,

Hence knows the path of spirituality!


One who believes we all are divine,

Whether we prefer darkness or sunshine,

One who follows the karmic duties,

Without blaming fate or insecurities!


One who speaks the language of silence,

One who can calm any soul’s essence,

One who answers but lets us decide,

A person of virtue, our graceful guide!


“Our Guide” is dedicated to my Mama ( my uncle) on his Birthday. I think words will fall short if I try to describe him but I guess his synonyms are – Nature, Spirituality, Pure Joy, Serenity, Wisdom, Curiosity and Faith. There are very few people who can remind us on the music of wind chimes or the chirping of birds, when our minds are full with the monotone sounds of chaos, but then he is the one who can see, hear and feel both and still find beauty in absurdity.



  1. Salute!


    I am just an instrument for HIM to express. All good things that come through me is HIS … take it. The absurd ones are mine … leave it with me!

    Do well! With all the good wishes that I can invoke for you.

    shekhar … your fellow traveler in this journey of life!

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  2. You have woven strong sentiments together into a beautiful tapestry of form and flow. This was a compelling read and I was moved by the emotions and promises of the piece. IT is good to see you expressing so beautifully again! Cheers, my friend!

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