You are my light

For long I thought, I was your light,

Instead, I was a shadow growing in your bright.

Today the world celebrates the festivity of light,

Sadly, you are missing from my longing sight.

The candle of hope you lighted seems much dimmer,

It is engulfing me in thoughts that are sad and Grimmer!

But then there is a thing about the legacy of the sun,

To honor your name, I need to shine and burn.

That’s the weight I carry to step up to your role,

I can’t let the darkness consume me as a whole!

There’s a brave new world that now depends on me,

I need to be the light for eyes who have forgotten to see!

For now, mother, keep illuminating my heart,

Let your flame glow inside me; kindly don’t depart.

I have to make you proud, for your wish I must sustain,

I don’t want to come empty-handed when I get chance to see you again!

Today is Diwali ( Festival of lights) in India. Always a special occasion for my mother and me. Though I miss her a lot, in every moment, though she is gone forever from this physical plane, I know she will forever burn bright in my heart, for she is my light!

“You are my light ” dedicated to my mommy ( my everything)



  1. Beautifully articulated, V! Your Mother’s great light is the spark that still remains inside of you. With time, you will see that you are not cast in shadow, but your own brilliant light. Happy Diwali, my friend!

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