I am the Autumn

The cold wind of fall paid me a visit,

Maybe to check on me if I still exist.

It said, oh dear one, today I won’t lie,

You have seasoned so much to thrive!

You are no more the green of spring,

Or the warmth that summer can bring.

You are not as moist as calming rains,

You have dried much with bitter pain.

Yet you are alive, not dead as winter,

But also fallen, like a broken splinter.

I said to the wind; I can’t stand tall,

I am the reddish hues of this fall.

Burnt enough, neither dead nor alive,

I tend to exist; I anyhow survive!

Oh, dear wind, take me somewhere,

Far from here, someplace, anywhere!

You see, in this life; I have hit rock bottom,

For now, you know, I am the autumn!

“I am the Autumn” dedicated to my mommy ( my everything)



  1. Express your inner churning the way you want … writing gives you an opportunity to let go … stay in awareness is all that I submit. As a spectator watch the spectacle unfold each moment without getting entangled in it … involvement remains though.

    All the best!

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  2. Your ability to express your emotions in verse and form is a real gift, V! Your loving mother is never farther away than your memory. And your words are a beautiful memorial to her. Well written, my friend!

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