Cicada’s Song

My restless weary mind,

Drawn by the music of a kind.

It’s the rattling cicada’s song,

It plays in repeat all night long!


First, I could not sleep,

By their tune loud and deep.

For me, it was getting late,

But all they cared was to mate!


But I don’t wish them to stop,

Their musicals must not drop.

It’s a show hosted by the night,

Maybe for my peace and delight!


I have adjusted to their tone,

It makes me feel, I am not alone,

Their harmony, pure and surreal,

With a magical power to heal!


I am lucky to have this chance,

To enter a euphonious trance.

Their lilting act put me to sleep,

Into a dream, blissfully sweet!


In a world, gracefully bright,

My mother, in front of my sight.

I stayed and played in her arms,

Blessed now by her caring charms!


Until dawn, they played for me,

A craved wonder, they made me see.

Their lives short yet profound,

I loved their song; I loved their sound!


“The Cicada’s Song” dedicated to my mommy ( my everything)



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