A cold feeling

On a cold lonely night, I lay wide awake,

With a pale feeling that I couldn’t shake.

Every unreturned warmth that I shared

Left my heart stone-cold, and no one cared.

With a pale feeling that I couldn’t shake,

On a cold lonely night, I lay wide awake.

This piece is my first attempt in Biolet format of poetry writing, inspired by the learning shared by my good friend, mentor, and brilliant poet Brad Osborne on his Whittled word series(https://wordpress.com/read/feeds/95340325). He is a great writer, but he also shares valuable knowledge for people interested in poetry reading and writing. Thanks, Brad, for sharing, and I hope I fared well, at least in the format, while my theme continues to be sad and not quite inspiring at this moment.



  1. A different style I see in your writing … congratulations!

    Ask yourself … who is awake? In your silence you will realise the duality in play … ‘You’ the witness, and ‘I’ the identified ego – a wholly false identity. Find the witness and hold on to it …

    Peace and tranquility shall descend … that anyway is your true nature!

    Wish you godspeed in your inner journey!

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  2. My dear friend, you are too kind with your praise. It is young, gifted writers like yourself that keep my hopes alive for poetry as an art form. Your biolet is perfect to form. I loved the phrase “pale feeling”. And though sad in tone, it is still inspiring to others. Your mother would be proud!

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