• Thanks a lot for reading and relating to my thought; I will tell something, not sure if you agree, the darker your darkness, the brighter will be your bright, just like your dark, sometimes even trust your light.


  1. Reminded of a sentence that I wrote in a school essay – “the insanity of my suffering has brought me to a stage of immunity where I simply do not care …”

    The school principal, a Jesuit priest, came running to my home to figure out about my well-being!

    Light and darkness are not polarities … they are inseparable facets of nature’s existence. One cannot exist without the other … their beauty is gone if they stand alone! Why bemoan not finding an inbetween state?

    Krishna – the dark one is also blinding light! Find the Krishna or Christ consciousness within!


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  2. I love the perspective of this piece. Even in the darkest times, there are remnants of light left behind for you by your Mother. All the loving words and gestures that are the memories that never leave. They can be overwhelmed by darkness, but never extinguished. Her light was not given to keep you out of the dark, but to show you how to light your own way. Stay strong, my friend!


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