Mother’s Heart

It rains a lot

In my gloomy world

Like the fallen drops

My life flows

In all directions

Anyhow, guided

By mother earth




My tears


Touching her soul

And she cries

For me, with me

But a part of her

Remains warm



By my sorrows

A corner of her heart

Filled with love

For me

When mother

Shareโ€™s affection

I must take it!

It’s raining a lot in the part of the world where I live, and it’s strange how sometimes the elements of nature create forms and patterns as if it’s symbolic of what we desire the most. In the attached images, I saw a heart formation in part of an area, untouched by the flowing rainwater, while every nook and corner are wet and moist in this weather. I feel lucky to witness something like this as if arranged by nature for me, love, warmth, and the warm heart, shared by mother nature even during my gloomiest day. Hence the poem.

“Mothers Heart” Dedicated to my mommy (my everything)



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