Mad World!

The world around afflicted with madness,

Dwelling underneath a shed of sadness.

They have been allowed to crib and gloat,

While I have to wear a moral coat!


It’s stitched with knowledge and wisdom,

In its burden, I seldom find naive freedom.

Woven threads of sanity and morality,

In Its cover, I can’t display insanity!


I have to remain sorted and clear,

To carry a persona untouched by fear.

Others can hide with lack of confidence,

While I have to face all odd coincidences!


Many can cosy in the comfort of inability,

But I must thrive for balanced stability.

I must tend to show positive optimism,

Even if splashed with negative criticism!


Those who perceive that I am strong,

It’s true, yet, you are very much wrong.

I, too, shiver with doubt and weakness,

But you won’t believe it even if I confess!


While others can wait out for a better day,

I must toil all my way through today.

People make up for the lost time somehow,

But I am expected to strictly focus on now!


For many, I am like this blinding light,

Who shows the path yet burn their sight.

So why invoke me, if I am not that useful,

Live in your misery if you think that’s fruitful!


Your sorrows have become a safe space,

The reality is that you don’t want to escape.

The truth and change, not readily accepted,

That’s why my helping hands gets rejected!


About your problems, you keenly swear,

Yet to ward them off, you won’t dare.

If your days were less of complain and sobs,

Maybe in life, you would have done a better job!


I burn too like everyone one of you,

But why am I still able to see through you?

For once, come out of your selfish shell,

Everyone carries their version of hell!


You must know as a fact life isn’t fair,

You are not the only victim in despair.

In your distress, I continue to profess,

Add value to what’s otherwise meaningless!


Many who fail in the vision to move ahead,

Mostly fancy the luxurious idea of death.

But if they genuinely understood pain and loss,

They won’t throw their lives out of toss!


For once, I am not me, but those of many,

Who loves their pain over the hopeful company,

why I only should choke under the moral coat?

Hence today, like you, I shall also crib, cry and gloat!




  1. There is no ‘other’

    Once you realise this, then there is no me and he or she. Be seated in your true self … the state which is pure … satchitananda … bliss!

    Why be entangled in the ordinary?

    Wish you godspeed in your inner journey,!

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  2. Beautifully expressed, V! The length here has allowed you to offer many different perspectives around the central truth. Each stanza builds upon the next and unfolds to a powerful close where the protagonist takes on the role of the reader. I love the line: “Everyone carries their version of hell!”. You ask some questions here that are not easy to answer and that is exactly what poetry and art should do. Well written, my friend! All my best to you!

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    • Thanks a lot for reading Brad. Mad World comes out of my experiences of this world, though the poem carries an aggression, reflects, taunts and mockery, I do understand there are many who suffer with the burden of their issues, unable to rise and finally defeated and comforted by it, but the only way what I see is to find a solution, take that one step, but many don’t, because they are too stuck in their gruesome reality. I also tend to understand depression and sadness very well with my own experiences and I always support the people who are in pain. However, stability, peace or even a small grain of happiness can only be achieved by a positive change, not by sitting on an issue. Sorry for the long comment, but guess I had a lot to express on this topic, maybe more than the long length. Like always you do understand my point of view and I am always thankful to you for reading and supporting my work.

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      • It is through those personal experiences that you are so able to articulate and codify these feelings of sadness and depression to others. There is an honesty and sincerity in your words that are inescapable. Many will see themselves in your words, and hopefully see the chance to change their view. I could not be prouder of how far your writing has come. I am excited to see what you create next.

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      • Thanks a lot Brad, your words have always motivated me to do better and I will. You also give me and my work that importance which makes me feel valued, I promise the next creation is coming soon and hopefully you will like it.

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