Kindly Vote for “Christmas Moon”

Dear All, Firstly, thank you for reading, liking, commenting and supporting my work throughout my poetry writing journey and my humble blog. Because of my readers and their consistent support, I continue to motivate to write and bring more and more creative content.

But today, I need more significant support. One of my poems, “Chrismas moon”, recently got published on under the banners of Spillwords Christmas. The poetry has been selected and nominated by the editors for the ” publication of the month”; however, to really become one, I would need your vote. Please note this is a massive opportunity for me and can serve as a landmark for my writing accomplishments. Hence, if you like my work, my humble and sincere request to you all is to take some precious time of yours and if you can, kindly vote for “Christmas moon”.

Vote here:

If you have not got the opportunity to read the poem yet, read it here :

Please note that the voting is open from 26th to 29th December. You have to log in to via your Google, Facebook, or WordPress account to vote.

Your consistent support means a lot to me. Thanks, everyone – Rain Alchemist.



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