A Big “Thank you”

This one is dedicated to my dearest, lovely, most beautiful and wonderful mommy!

Dear readers, It is with great joy, and gratitude filled heart I want to
inform you that “The Christmas Moon” by Rain Alchemist got voted as
December’s publication of the month on Spillwords press.

I am grateful to you for your support and belief in my work; this
achievement was impossible without you. Thank you for reading, liking,
commenting on my work, and voting for “Christmas Moon” on spillwords.

I hope the poetic muse and my pen support me in days to come so that I can
keep presenting a piece of my soul to you every time I write. And I hope each
time I pour my heart into words, you will connect to my feelings.

Through my poetry blog, I and blessed to meet many beautiful people ( poets,
writers, creators) who have continued to inspire my work and motivate me in my
writing. All of you are very special to me. But I am still picking one person
today to thank him for being a great mentor, motivator and inspiration through
his numerous wonderful poems and words. He is like my big brother, my great friend,
Brad Osborne. Thank you, Brad, for always being there and showing
me the light.

Last but not least, Thank you all for your support, take care, stay well,
wishing you all a happy and prosperous new year 2022. I will see you soon in
the beautiful world of poetry.

The Christmas Moon



  1. I am so very proud of how hard you have worked at your craft. Constantly pushing yourself, improving, and being fearless in sharing your thoughts and feelings. This is just the beginning for you. I hope your work continues to get the readership and accolades it deserves. Congratulations, my dear friend!

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