I was somewhere

Another world

Another home

Cuddling you

A soft cadaver

Lifeless still warm

Your death stare

Cold and blank

A loving face

Turning blue

In your eyes

I got pulled

In a lost dimension

A space of blood filters

No grip on self


A dream

A quest

On snowy

Cherry red peaks

Your voice

Telling me

To find you

At the edge

Of a giant

Crimson moon

I shiver

I quiver

With love

With fear

In hope

In grief

In loss

In pain

All I wish

Is to seek

A glimpse

Of real you

A vision

A window

A portal

A door


Under the spell

Carmine moonlight

A darkness

Pitch black

A faint glow

Fading red





Your voice

Calling me

Come with me

A Grimm world

A black forest

Of lost souls

Follow me

The scarlet light

I am dying

Still your sight

Guiding you

Towards life

Cross the stream

Of astral dream

At sunrise

Back to your world

of a craved living

A silent ringing

Of my voice

A reminder to you

You found me

That you will see

We shall meet

Again and again

Yet no bargain

Promise me

You won’t go insane

Trying to seek


In realms of mundane

And I am there

Like a song

A wild dream

Your love story

In every thought

In your despair

In your glory

Wherever you must

You shall go

But my dear one

Don’t get lost

Without me

In the limbo!

Dedicated to my mommy , my everyting!



  1. This is beautiful V! I love the form with succinct line lengths that flow effortlessly from one line to the next. Like a string of pearls. Steeped in emotions and full of vivid imagery, it is hard not to be pulled into the world you create with your words. Well written, my friend!

    Liked by 1 person

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