If time could move backwards

I wish to see you once

Before your final breath

Before the last beat of death

Like a futile broken needle

I am stuck in the clock of regrets

In that moment of truth

In that time, scaringly brute

I came to take you home

Just like you wished

But death was in a hurry

That day,  just not you

My hopes, too, perished

But I was outside waiting

For life to win once again

But nature wasn’t ready

To strike a similar bargain

I still stand waiting

At the doors of afterworlds

In tears, calling your name

Knocking tirelessly in pain

Praying if I could gain

A chance to meet you again

And if you are there

I am still hanging here

I will tell you, I am sorry

I tried all my best

Without any rest

Yet failed the ending test

And you were laid to rest

Forgive me, if you can

Losing you was not in my plan

Just for a blink, I left you alone

And you were forever gone!

I would scream, “I love you.

That keeps growing each day.

Our story can’t be over yet.

With certainty, I can say

Time here tends to move on

Without you, life is imperfect

It is hard to move forward

With a heart full of regrets!

Dedicated to my mommy “my everything”



    • Thanks for reading Brad, if only I could see her again, in any form, which I am sure I will, I think all the regret will melt away in presence of her grace, that how strong my love is for her, it just keeps growing , hence I am certain its not bounded by this physical plane. Thanks for reading and your wonderful comments.

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    • Thanks a lot for reading my work. I have spent months reading trying to find out about afterlife only for one question, one hope, that my dearest mother should be at least somewhere, and someday I will meet her, once again, reunited. Your comment is very comforting and means a lot to me. I know she is around I feel that a lot, but then many say its just the grieving mind. But all I wish is that she is for her to be somewhere, so that i can go back to her when its my time. Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts, it brought some peace


  1. Could relate so so well.. Lost my father three years back, yet the pain is so fresh, missing him each day, coincidentally today happens to be his birthday too.. That made this post of yours more relatable on this day.. Though no regrets here, but loads and tons of ‘miss him’ feeling. Yes, desperately want to know, where is he, how is he, can he see me,. want to listen to him too. Anyways, words just decline to stop flowing, whenever his topic comes in my mind, inexplicable to this world.. Thanks a ton, feeling a bit light after missing him the whole day.. 🙏🏻🙂

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    • Thank you for reading and relating to the poem. And thanks a ton for sharing such a wonderful note about your father; I can completely understand your feelings, too, on his birthday. But you see, we do miss them, but they genuinely have never left; all I can feel is everlasting love and devotion that reflects in your words too. Maybe, just maybe, someday we will be with them again; until then, they are with us; the bond is more stronger than the physical boundaries of this life.

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      • Yes, very true, they are with us.. feel him within me whenever I find some of his nature, habits and traits present in me.. and those are the moments when I smile at myself and feel he’s smiling at me too.. We’re all carrying our departed parents in our genes, and this thought makes me feel so so better.. 😍😍


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