Your Approval

You say I am your anchor,

Yet fear to tie a knot,

You say you confide in me,

Still tend to hide a lot!


My name, a strikethrough,

Existing on pages of your heart,

Once written with kind love,

It remains but a strike apart!


You tangle to me a little,

Just enough to latch upon,

Yet never entangle into me,

You neither stay nor move on!


Already broken in love,

I professed last of my affection,

In the hope to be loved again,

I still didn’t get your acceptance!


You wish for me to stick around,

You want me to commit,

Yet your true feelings for me,

Until now, you have failed to admit!


You ask for a valued friend,

Over the idea of a fancied lover,

To care and share warmth,

Without getting an inch closer!


But true friendship is love,

Such a bond, not an exception,

How can you set a barrier?

And have great expectations!


You could also not erase me,

Or release me from your story,

Make me an old memory,

One forgotten in your history!


With all your insecure notions,

Amidst the life’s commotion,

You have no space for devotion,

Hence you shelf my emotions!


You care enough, not to let me go,

But this arrangement hurts my ego,

Love for me, will ever be in your expression?

Once for all, clear the endless confusion!


I could wait eternity for you,

If only I had that much time,

At the mercy of your disposal,

In hopes of your approval!



  1. Thank you Brad for your appreciating and kind words. And as always your support means a lot to me. You said you found yourself in these words, but I feel its rather a sad story of two people. Not sure which one of them you are, in my opinion you are a wonderful loving person, so you don’t deserve to be either of the characters of my story.


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