A ghostly thread

I must be invisible or a ghost

As I don’t reflect in my lover’s eyes

Walking under someone else’s shadows

I have lost the opacity of my sight

My affections hit walls so hard

Shattering frail castles of emotions

Forget about the broken expectations

I have flushed them with teary frustration

My heart eroded with all the feelings

Unloved, deprived of a cared healing

Always entangled in wrong stories

Where I have failed to find my glory

Yet I am a desperate lover

Still seeking a bond that’s forever

But the love inside me is sickly dead

Obscure, extinct, a ghostly thread

It still may attach, weakened, yet it may affect

But unsure if, in someone’s eyes, it can ever reflect!


  1. Exceptional piece, V! Emotionally charged and expressive. A tricky emotion to understand much less put a voice to, yet you have done so beautifully! Your writing has grown and is starting to be recognized for the talent and beauty it holds. You should be proud of your accomplishments, my friend. I know I am proud of you!

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