Now Author of April Month on spillwords!

Dear Readers and Friends,

I want to inform you that Rain Alchemist (me) got voted as the author of April month on spillwords press with a gratitude-filled heart. While I still question if I am worthy of this recognition, one thing I am sure about is your support which I have received throughout my writing journey on my little poetry blog. I wish to thank everyone who has patiently read my work and shared their likes and valuable feedback. Without you, I would not even know the value of my craft. Hence, A big, big thank you for supporting and voting for me.

And if you can spare some time, just a little, check out my profile and work published on And yes, don’t forget to look at the author of the month widget; you will find my presence there for the whole of May month.

A special thanks to my dear friend and mentor, Brad Osborne; if you are by my side, nothing is impossible. Thanks for always supporting and motivating!

Until next time, take care, stay healthy, and I will see you soon in the fascinating world of writing.


Dedicated to my dearest, loveliest mommy, my everything !!



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