True Recognition

It tickles softly on my face,

The sweet feathery touch of success,

But if I may honestly confess,

It’s my struggle that I truly embrace!


Hysterically driven by my pain,

Harsh wisdom is all I have gained,

Pushed by fate, tough to sustain,

Constantly fallen yet risen again!


I have bled in agony enough to sink,

Yet I have used it as my moral ink,

With darkness, I have a deeper link,

Close to finding light at its farthest brink!


My dark expression, with intentions fine,

Now tend to glisten, they have a shine,

But trust me, those words aren’t mine,

I am only a vessel of the holy divine!


All I have ever done is translate,

For each one of you to easily relate,

To choose kindness over hate,

Hold on to the good in any bad state,

Brighten the Flame of Hope in distress,

To be humble even in success,

Few last words that I wish to profess,

Believe in yourself, no matter the case!


While I accept the heartfelt recognition,

It has never been my actual vision,

To touch every heart is my real mission,

When that happens, I will call it progression!

Dedicated to my dearest, loveliest mommy, my everything!!



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