Divine Mother

The day was a union of rain and fire,

Her lifeless body burnt on a holy pyre,

Cleansing her soul of pain and desires,

She had dropped her mortal attire!


Her final breath joined the winds up high,

Soaring above all the tears and sighs,

Her voice an air of memorable rhymes,

Playing in our minds as sweet hymns!


She flows now freely in blest rivers,

Over mounds of agony; washing off fear,

Clearing festered grief; the healing source,

She runs in our veins as a subtle life force!


The fire that consumed her cadaver,

Made her the flame that burns forever,

A thousand suns, she is the glow of hope,

She lights our hearts; teaches us to cope!


In the end, she was ashes on the sand,

Spread across, travelling far off lands,

Every corner sprinkled with her ethereal essence,

She is Earth in her motherly presence!


She belongs to the graceful unmanifest,

Not easy for most of us to attest,

But it only means she has no limits,

As she represents the divine spirit!


All these feelings that I could smother,

A mixture of pain and love together,

I know with her, I am still tethered,

Hence, I live to honour my divine mother!


A year of being unmanifest…my love for you grows stornger every passing moment. I miss you, until I see you again !!

Dedicated to my sweetest, dearest, loveliest mommy!!



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