Vote for publication of June Month

Dear Readers and Friends,

Once again one of my recently published poems “A Dream in a dream” has been nominated for the June publication of the month on

I would say the last few months have been magical as my work did find a wonderful platform, was acknowledged, appreciated and even won some accolades on the way.

Hence if you truly relate to my work, kindly support me in my writing journey.

You can vote for ” A dream in a dream” by Rain Alchemist.

Please note you have to be logged in/ registered via Facebook , Twitter or WordPress account in order to vote.

Lastly, it would not be fair of me to only ask vote for myself, trust me, I have read the work of all the other excellent authors nominated for publication or author of the month, their work is not just amazing but also something to learn from. Hence, I would request you to support the best work based on your liking.

A big thank you to everyone reading and supporting my work. Take care, stay well.

Dedicated to my sweetest, dearest mommy ” my everything”



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