Your touch

To feel your touch

I only need to close my eyes

Magically transported

To a beautiful meadow

Right before dawn

And I see your smile

In the first light of the day

That breaks the darkness

The early morning Sun

Settles very gently

Into my begging palms

Warm and delicate

Just like your pulpy cheeks

The nascent shower of dew

Rinse my face afresh

Like your sloppy wet kisses

As I graze my fingers

Softly through the grass

Feels like the caressing

Of your silvery silken hair

The mushy green bed

Like your tender belly

Where I lay dreaming

In everlasting solace

The miracle sanctuary

Your motherly embrace

Is my forever safe place

Your physical touch

Reminiscent in nature

That you left behind

A gift for me to cherish!

Dedicated to sweetest, dearest, loveliest mommy. My everything!!



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