The last goodbye

Your empty stare was your last goodbye

I learnt the truth yet had to tell a final lie

On my way to you, I had spent all hope

Left with hopelessness as my only scope

I wished, to be honest, to sigh and cry

But for you, one last time, I had to try

That epic moment of truth, I had to deny

Your face was so blank and expressionless

Not sure got anything that I had to confess

Every false hope that I had to profess

My lost appeal to you, in prime distress

But you had transcended too far along

To be pulled by lies despairingly strong

I did come for you, to take you back

Your essence was what your eyes lacked

And, I told you everything would be fine

Together once again, we will strive to shine

Deceitful words, desire untruly defined

By then, you were probably a form sublime

I promised I would take you home

But returned broken, ever more alone

I told you, don’t worry, I am here

Only to meet the void you left for me there

A child craved his mother’s voice

But gathered silence as the only choice

Your death stare, the final goodbye

The ultimate truth coated with my hopeful lies!

Dedicated to my sweetest, dearest, loveliest mommy. My everything !!



  1. This is sad and yet powerful in its words. Your words resonate with anyone who has suffered a loss. And your ability to express has grown in an amazing way. The form and the rhyme scheme make it a delight to read. Well written, my young friend!

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