Sister’s Keeper

In my folded palms

I have gathered your tears

A pool of collected dread

Trickled words, never said

And in its reflection, I see a tale

Of long agonizing battles

Both won and lost

At your happiness cost

And then all joy was gone

Leaving you so alone


My dear sister

I am your keeper

Collector of your pain

Please don’t refrain

To let me in, once again

Dear sister

Our journey is till the end

I promise I don’t pretend

For us, let me contend


My dear sister

You must let me grow deeper

For I am your keeper

Your happiness seeker

Dear sister

What more has to come

Is what together we become

In life with all its outcome


My dear sister

I am far from perfect

For that I sincerely regret

Not so much stronger

At times even weaker

But I am still your keeper

Absorber of your pain

A wisher of your gain

Who wants to see you sane

So that together we may sustain!


Dedicated to my sweetest, dearest, loveliest Mommy and of course to her daughter ( my dear sister) .



  1. My friend, I know what it is like to love a sister with all your heart and want nothing more than to protect them. Your words capture this beautifully and with such emotion. You are a loving brother and a great son. You have truly begun to master your art of expression and I am so proud of you!

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