That day your words sounded bitterly cold,

Yet the boldest truth you ever told,

When physically to you, no more tethered,

I would fall and get deeply shattered,

But I will have to rise and move ahead,

Stop holding onto the past and the dead!


On lonely nights, I see the shadows move,

In their silhouettes, my sadness grooves,

Between the slits of your room and mine,

It’s your old sacred lamp that mostly shines,

In dark moments, it tends to glow brighter,

It wards off fear to make me feel lighter!


A few days back, I found an old plastic jar,

Hidden in an untouched cabinet left ajar,

Inside the box, I found a tattered note,

In your handwriting, a scribbled quote,

A goodbye poem that ends in hope,

Your final love letter to help me cope!


I still make your bed every single day,

I ensure clean and tidy it always stays,

But its emptiness is what painfully taunts,

Pinches my soul, pierces and haunts,

Even in that void, I smell your fragrance,

Enveloping my grief with your essence!


My crazy peek-a-boo at your windowpane,

That would make you mad and wildly insane,

The joker that would make you giggle,

Only to be rewarded by your warm snuggles,

I sought that joy on a pale drizzly day,

Rewinding moments of our goofy play!


Once for me, you sang an epic song, 

To make me realise that I am strong,

On my playlist, that’s my favourite music,

I listen in repeat when I feel weakly sick.

And while I crave to hear your voice,

It remains tuned with my inner device!


My words, reminiscent of fond memories,

A classic mix of our untold stories,

These unforgettable moments, as I compile,

They give me purpose to feel worthwhile,

As their echo grows in me an inch deeper,

Not far afar, you seem a lot closer!


Dedicated to my sweetest, dearest, loveliest mommy, my everything!!



  1. Well written, my friend! I love the form and rhyme scheme. Your phrasing is wonderful and your imagery tantalizing. I love this length that allows you to craft a fully expressive experience from beginning to end.

    Liked by 1 person

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