Hanging on

My tears are now all dried up,

Bared emotions are all covered up,

Under the sheaths of worldly chores,

Silent grief still bubbles within my core.


I have done nothing that’s nearly special,

In this existence weighed in morsel,

I just created a purpose, my checklist,

Out of your unchecked bucket list.


If I could clearly define my existence,

Clinging onto your scattered presence,

Dealing with this void, physical absence,

With blind faith in your divine essence.


I know the order of life; it’s practical,

Runs on the track that’s mostly material,

Yet I seek for you, the very intangible,

In a true quest, not readily achievable.


My heart, the belly of volcanic emotions,

Brews and spews my mental commotion,

The lava of sadness flows to burn my skin,

Yet hardens my texture in its brutal spin.


A juggler of feelings and responsibilities,

Understands being with greater palpability,

As hardly there was an offer on expectations,

Or a free sale in the market of emotions.


All I can do for now is to hang on,

Catch up with time and try to move on,

Yet I will walk in the past to see you,

As I still can’t imagine my life without you!


Dedicated to by dearest, sweetest, loveliest mommy, my everything!



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