Demon Pox

A sinister place named the devils core

Some fiery portal, like Hell’s door

Surfaced tearing depths of burning land

An unusual spot of volcanic quicksand

A bulbous scarlet ring circles its mouth

That burps shrill and agonizing shouts

A face so grotesque, like a giant ulcer

Exhaling black smog and toxic sulphur

A darkish magma spews from its belly

Afflicting what it touches with goo-like jelly

Leaves behind an infectious scar

A nasty curse, spreading near and far

Humans, plants and the living creature

Now can’t run from its evil capture

First appears a blood-charred ring

Black pus seeping all over the skin

And as it conquers the whole surface

Its bearer combusts without escape

In thirteen days, the subject is rotten

Melting their parts, turning molten

Wake of the devil is wickedly tragic

A satanic illness, a demonic pandemic

Any cure for sin, practical or unorthodox

When Earth gets ravaged by demon pox!

A Halloween special, what can humanity do if not just humans but the entire existence gets ravaged by something evil and unstoppable? What will be the cure, our belief in good, faith in a higher power, the light of the day or that tiny flickering hope in our hearts? I will let you be the judge of that, but don’t let the demon pox spread all over your scared mind!



    • Thanks for reading Brad, its good to see your valuable comment on my post , though a dark topic with your comments I always feel positively blessed. And congratulation on your recent Spillwords publication, I relished the piece, but still have to drop the comment. Hope you are doing well my dear friend, take care.

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