I, seen! Ice seen! I scream!

A wild storm was rising,

So was the blood moon,

Two Alphas in one night,

In a showdown of doom!


In the middle of the tempest eye,

The crimson moon ball would pry,

Fiercely as  the twister swirled,

Now Ignited as scarlet fire whirls.


A glimpse through the window,

Outside a blood-red shadow,

Outgrowing its reign in the town,

Forcing an apocalyptic lockdown.


As I watch this eerie spectacle,

This raging destructive debacle,

Tightly groped; I am frozenly stuck,

I try hard to move without any luck!


I would wake up in a strange realm,

With an aura of red vermilion gleam,

The cherry moon peak stood very tall,

Through it flowed a blood burst waterfall!


I was lying on a weird fluorescent bed,

Trapped in a body, pinned from toe to head,

What held me seemed like an invisible force,

Crafted from the union of a magical source!


The merger of the blood moon and storm,

This fantasy world that breaks all norms,

A captive, I was their chosen witness,

But I wished to get out; I scaredly confess!


My prison on a maroon sand beach,

The blood moon torrent near its reach,

The crimson fall splattered like ballistic metal,

Scattered drops that turned to ruby-red crystal!


Just then, I could see a strangely odd feature,

On the fall stairway, an unseen creature,

It descended toddling, a child-like sheen,

It Muttered, “I, seen! Ice seen! I scream!”


As it came near, I saw its gargoyle face,

An elf-sized gait, red leathery skin surface,

Limp walk, crawl and toddle, also scream,

Kept Muttering, “I, seen! Ice seen! I scream!”


Its eyes were Pearl red, flickering hellfire,

It sat on my chest, playful with evil desire,

Swaying on my belly, with its trickster grin,

Again Muttering, “I, seen! Ice seen! I scream!”


With its snarly nails, it collected the iced crystals,

It placed them on my body like rose petals,

Its smile, spikey iced teeth, too bloody Grimm,

Kept Ranting, “I, seen! Ice seen! I scream!”


It would clap its claw, jump with devilish Joy,

For this little demon, I am a reluctant toy,

Ice-cold rubies burnt like steamed coal on my skin,

As it chanted, “I, seen! Ice seen! I scream!”


My paralyzed self was bruised and burned,

Could I ever escape, could this nightmare turn,

The pain was quite natural; just not a dream,

Why couldn’t I speak or even scream?


When about to give up but heard a holy voice,

Eclipse was getting weaker; I  may have a choice,

The tornado’s eye now shifted away from the moon,

I have to wait for a little; I may get released soon!


The baby monster, still busy collecting crystals,

Ruby stones now melting to icy pebbles,

It would cry, in an unstoppable freakish scream,

Madly yelling,”I, seen! Ice seen! I scream!”


The blistering Redstone losing its fiery gleam,

The fiendish kid vanishes into the evaporating moon stream,

I could now move; An illuminating doorway I could see,

A getaway from this horrorland of the highest degree.


I wondered about the grace that aided my rescue,

Was it a divine force of some greater virtue,

Or was this imagination the wildest of the dream,

In my mind, still, echoes of “I, seen! Ice seen! I scream!”


A wild storm once rose,

So did the blood moon,

Two Alphas on a nightly row,

Presenting a tantalizing, bizarre horror show!


A Halloween special, this poem is a mind-bending psychological tale of a celestial experience. It’s always memorable if we get a chance to see a significant stellar or natural phenomenon from the safety of our homes. But what if two such giants’ experiences merge into one, leading to a fantasy world that’s equally fascinating and horrifying? This poem is a tantalizing adventure; it has elements of SCI-FI, an alternate fantasy world, and the right amount of horror to stir and make you uneasy. Yes, it also features a creature whom some may find fondly annoying. I hope you will enjoy this piece.


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