A story of Fire and Ice

It came uninvited with thunderous black clouds,
As a mystery hidden in those dark rainy shrouds,
It was a giant shiny wrath wheel of metallic sheen,
Possibly an object from outer space, the one unseen!


As the storm raged with a terrifying brute force,
The wheel rotated rapidly, becoming its power source,
It rode the wicked storm as if sent by an angry god,
Messenger of catastrophe, fulfilling duties of a heinous lord!


As the despicable wheel circled into a manic roundabout,
It tore open the gloomy clouds into tornadic waterspouts,
It descended from the sky in an impending hellish fallout,
It was the avatar of the end, without any slightest doubt!


It fell hard on the land with a supersonic boom,
Striking distance of miles, the entire existence zoomed,
It divided the physical space into two halved rooms,
Both represent time in an apocalyptic doom.


The first half became the world of devilish fire,
Where everything burnt with unfulfilled desire,
Where every space on the ground spitted fire whirls,
Sky choked with smog as the tarred darkness curls!


The second half became the frozen world of ice,
Where the existence stopped by a time bending device,
Every life ceased to breathe in this rigid age,
For millenniums to come, locked in a cold cage!


This story is a tall tale of ice and fire,
Expressing cold emotions & burning desires,
Though brought to us by a fictional fury wheel,
This battle in our hearts, one we constantly deal!


A Halloween special, A story of Fire and Ice, is a horror poetry fiction I had written some time ago, but it was fun to revisit the poem for the spooky season as its also based on one of my strangest lucid dreams. With some re-edits and bit of content change, I can only hope it will be a thrilling read. Sky-watching can be fascinating, whether in the brightness of the day or the twinkle of starry nights, but what if sometimes what we see is not a star, not a bird, not a plane, not even superman, but something mind-bending? This poem will take you on one such SCI-FI experience if you open your eyes and look at the strange skies today.



    • Thanks again, Brad, it means a lot; not sure if you got a chance to read yesterday’s post; I tried something similar there, a mix of quite some themes, especially imagery; I hope it turns out to be a readable story to the audience.

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      • Thanks, Brad; your feedback and support are of great value to me; honestly, I don’t have quite many support or a following to realise if I am worthy, but your consistent unconditional support gives me motivation and hope. Even though I love writing and I know this is one thing that gives me pure joy and content, I remain sceptical of my skill. Thanks for being the light.

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