It’s hard to rub off the pain from a heart grief-stricken,

So ripe with agony, it trickles with raw sticky emotions,

Bittersweet, its nectar, a love quite hard to digest,

In such gluey relations, it’s not very easy to invest,

Understanding and commitments are rare to catch,

Only if feelings were enough for souls to match.

But some never get a chance for emotional banters,

Because in their lives, they never existed to matter,

Few, like me, child of shadowy emptiness,

Birthed from the darkest seeds of loneliness,

Our mother, a flickering light in our sadness.

Now a lost objective who once projected our sights,

What’s our identity in either darkness or light?

Without a carrier, what’s the purpose of our fight,

Who are we, in all the existential theories,

Rogue silhouettes, cast out of rough memories!

Dedicated to my dearest mommy, my everything!



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