Winter Dreams

Cold morning dew on your window pane,

Tumbles, me down memory lane,

Tiny rainbow glitter born in winter sunlight,

Your awestruck face, admiring the sight! 


Your subtle dreams were those colours bands,

You gave it to me with your loving hands,

Like soft bubbles in my heart, they tend to fly,

Moist glow flakes stuck in my sunken eyes! 


Under the blanket, not a thing I would see,

While relishing the sip of your winter tea,

Frozen days with your warmth, I would awaken,

Feeling your embrace without a word spoken! 


But what is a winter dream without you,

Even with the warmth of the sun and baby dew,

Everything is the same except your presence,

Just winter wishes scattered in your absence! 


Don’t take this hard on your ethereal heart,

This bitter cold has yet not broken me apart,

I imagine your grace in the morning rays,

Hold on to your aspirations on chilly days!


Cold morning dew on your window pane,

Tumbles, me down memory lane,

A reminiscence of your faith, this dreamy trance,

Asking me to give winter a hopeful chance!


Dedicated to my sweetest dearest. loveliest mommy! My everything!



  1. Loved this poem, my dear friend! Beautiful imagery in a silky-smooth delivery of cadence and pace. The form and rhyme scheme are classic. I especially love the use of the first stanza as a refrain. Wonderfully created!

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