Memorialize this day

Your laugh and giggles,

With your soft belly jiggles,

And our silly, playful juggles,

With fun-filled acts and wriggles,

Even amidst all life’s struggles,

We were a crafty happy doodle!


You, my birthday queen,

With your charming gleam,

Your cute adorable smile,

Your plain beauty and style,

The resilient magic candle glow,

Not as mighty as your wishful blow!


While you won’t eat the cake,

You would cut it for our sake,

Our happiness your true relish,

Moments of eternal joy to cherish,

For me, it has always been crucial,

To make your birthday extra special!


I remember your pageant and crown,

You would shy a little and also frown,

The old reluctant you bloomed like a kid,

With colorful balloons you became candid,

Your lovely photo shoot, one of the best,

Fond memories I can never forget!


You told me each year I was your gift,

You needed nothing more that could fit,

But tell me, Mother, was I enough?

In your brief life that remained tough,

My love for you, a gift of pure devotion,

Seeks no form to express raw emotions.


Inflamed by your never-ending love that grows so much,

Even the walls of heaven, my floating heart could touch,

And I could let it fly to see if it reaches you,

Wrapping it with love, saying I miss you,

To wish you a very Happy Birthday,

To tell you, I forever memorialize this day!


Dedicated to my sweetest, dearest, loveliest Mommy, my everything, on her Birthday. You may not be physically present in this reality but my love for you grows every passing day of my life. I miss you a lot, but I know you are more closer to me than I can imagine, you are my heart. With never ending love and devotion , from your Son.



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