Love and Scars

Those chest palpitations are not my definition,

Because I still thrive in the stillness of your heart,

But I have fought long battles bearing rough scars,

And how could I even stand without your loving grace,

The healing caregivers whom you sent carrying smiling faces,

And mother, if I ever fall, it would only be on your feet,

Rest all the suffering and obstacles are illusions obsolete,

But at times I get tired Mother, I too need some rest,

Yet I promise I would rise strongly in all life’s tests,

Hence my chest palpitations could never be my definition,

Because I still thrive in the tenderness of your heart,

And if tough days exist, good ones can never be far,

They will come to narrate my tale of love and scars!

Dedicated to my Sweetest, Dearest, loveliest Monmmy, what I wold ever be without your grace! Love and Scars, also is a special dedication to my dearest sister, Mama and Mami, thanks for standing by and taking care of me in my most vunerable moment, I sure feel down but you give me confidence and courage to get up and face life.



  1. “And if tough days exist, good ones can never be far …. ”

    True you are!

    You are already fine, will get better sooner than you thought. Life’s lessons learnt, move on …

    Every best!

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  2. I loved this poem, V! Vulnerable and compelling. It takes great courage to share of ourselves in the time when we are less than we had hoped to be. But it also makes your words super relatable as most everyone has shared this type of pain. I hope today marks the rise of joy and happiness for you. Well written, my friend!

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