I am not done yet with your subtle exposure

Hence, it’s not very easy to find closure

But that doesn’t mean I haven’t moved on

Grabbing dreams on which you wished upon

I still keep my heart open an inch ajar

As I imagine your footsteps closing in from far

Yesterday I saw a tender cow feeding her calf

The image of the mother is forever the better half

How can I forget the sound of your laughter

Earworms to my soul, the only song that matters

The warmth of summer may have dried my tears

But I have toiled alone at times trembling, with fear

My shortcomings are not due to your physical absence

Every breath I take is because of your divine essence

On calm nights, I would gaze at the moon and its distance

Like space between us, far but always present

These days I pretend to smile for everyone’s gain

But I secretly crave the rain to cry and hide my pain

My poetic muse only tends to scribble words in your glory

That’s how important to me is your life’s story

My devotion towards you is also my motivation

You, my quest for happiness, in every commotion

To survive this world of great expectations

I am not done yet with your subtle exposure

I still need you, yet not ready for closure!

Dedicated to my sweetest, dearest, loveliest Mommy, my everything!



    • Thanks for reading Brad and sorry for not bringing around much and connecting with your wonderful post. I haven’t been keeping well in the past few months, but slowly getting back. I hope to see you more and I hope I can present myself more with poetry. Your feedback always means a lot. Hope you are doing well. Take care my friend!

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