A note on Love

Sometimes caring for someone is like throwing yourself on a wall, don’t be surprised if you hurt yourself, the only assurance in a conditioned love is you tried hard with all your might, only that your unrecognized efforts at times may hit you harder than any expectations. It tends to fall short no matter how much you try to fill the gaps, it remains empty, unfinished, and unfulfilled.

But unconditional love, though rare, is not the same, it’s like diving into a pool of soft sponges, no matter what you give you always absorb more than you can ever give, and in the end in all your pain, with all your efforts, in every suffering you will come out of it satisfied, anew, replenished, complete.

I had been lucky to experience both in my life, protected by my mother’s unconditional love while walking bare feet in this mostly conditional world. And all I can say is I have only got to learn and accept the differences for good.

Dedicated to my sweetest, dearest, loveliest mommy. My everything!


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