A strong wind

We made a deal, never to see each other again! 

Scrawling our consent, on that foggy unlatched window pane.  

That day a fierce tempest raged the world outside,

But felt like it birthed within us, rooted deep inside! 

A strong wave of severance was carried by the raging winds, 

As they knocked our lives as uninvited fiend!

The window sprung open, exposing our bare emotions to the gale,

The rain slapped our faces, drenched our hearts cold and pale!

Your lovely face grieved, bearing the tears of pain,

But you appeared tough, blamed it on the splattering rain! 

Our lips sealed, words uttered were scarcely few, 

As our eyes only spoke, in that moment we knew. 

Though our relationship had whitstand several storms together, 

This one was different, it would take us very far from each other! 



  1. A beautiful setting of scene dripping with metaphorical brilliance. The depth and power of the emotions is readily discernable to the reader, and easily shared. Well written!


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