Life as it ends

Pulse…a timer which determines being, 

Red blood flowing through the blued veins, 

Races to depict life but only moves towards death, 

Until the clock stops, erasing your world white, 

Ideal cycle of existence, but this time it’s different, 

Look how misery can act as a dark time machine, 

I feel transported to a world, plagued and concluding, 

Sucking me into a quarry of thick bloody carcass, 

The more I repel, the dried crimson stains of my soul, 

The more it pulls me in, blood has affinity for blood, 

My hope is like the shine that cannot be seen, 

But then should I complain about light in a dark universe, 

Maybe today I am more dead, I am barely alive, 

Maybe this moment, accepting my end is enough to survive!! 



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