A story of Fire and Ice

It came uninvited with black thunderous clouds,
As a mystery hidden in those dark rainy shrouds,
It was a giant shiny wrath wheel of metallic sheen,
Possibly an object from outer space, the one unseen!

As the tempest raged with a terrifying brute force,
The wheel rotated rapidly becoming its power source,
It rode the wicked storm as if sent by an angry god,
Messenger of catastrophe, fulfilling duties of a heinous lord!

As the despicable wheel circled into manic roundabout,
It teared open the gloomy clouds into tornadic water spouts,
It descended from the sky in an impending hellish fall out,
It was the avatar of the end, without any slightest doubt!

It fell hard on the land with a supersonic boom,
Striking the planet for miles, the whole world zoomed,
It divided the physical space into two halved rooms,
Both representing time in an apocalyptic doom.

The first half became the world of devilish fire,
Where everything burnt with unfulfilled desire,
Where every space on ground spitted fire whirls,
Sky chocked with smog, as the tarred darkness curls!

The second half became the frozen world of ice,
Where the existence stopped by a time device,
Every life ceased to breathe in this rigid age,
For millenniums to come locked in a cold cage!

This story is a tall tale of ice and fire,
Expressing cold emotions & burning desires,
Though brought to you by a fictional fury wheel,
The story is quite common in our hearts, can you feel?

UFO Wheel

This poetry is inspired by one of my childhood dreams, where I imagined being stuck in a storm driven by an alien like wheel. It falls and I witness the worlds divide, into ice age and hellish fire. I was too small to comprehend this, only the graphic nature of this imaginative story stuck with me. Until i stumbled upon this image of a wheel like UFO seen in Arizona in 2016 and it blew my mind. I do not know how true is this event, but it definitely awoke the story long suppressed within me. I hope you all like the sci-fi dive into the world of Ice and Fire brought to you by Rain Alchemist. Take care , stay well and safe.



  1. One of your absolute best, Vinayak! Dark, brooding, full of imagery and context. Your metaphors and word choices are succulent and ghostly. It reads beautifully with a sense of awe at what is being witnessed. The description of the remaining binary world is exceptional. Welcome back!


    • Thanks a lot Brad for reading and such wonderful comments. This one is close to me as it represents a childhood dream and moreover I always like writing long rhyming imaginative stories in poetry form. To be honest I feel more comfortable in that format. Your words means a lot and I hope to come back with more good stuff, at the same time being inspired by your awesome work. Take care and be safe 😊


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