A cosmic tragedy

Our love started like a cosmic big bang, 

Creating magical space time of happiness, 

Deeply bonded, we created gravity of emotions,

As our feelings became dense with thrilling desires, 

We wished to form a galaxy for our futuristic dreams, 

We were the brightest stars in this story, 

Wonderful moments revolved around us, 

In a planetary union of gratitude and togetherness! 

But stories of love or cosmos are never devoid of tragedy,

We got to know our faults early,while entwined in a long universal dance, 

And expectations changed like a fearsome celestial storm, 

It started with disagreement that raged like speedy pulsars, 

Our differences and fights, sparked brightly like balastic quasars, 

While we threw burning asteroids of anger on each other, 

Damaging the very trust we once carried, our gravitational affinity declined, 

And as we moved farther away from each other, 

We took an endeared fraction of ourselves in the process, 

Until the shine of our galactic love dimmed to darkness of hatred and disgust,

Don’t judge us still, afterall we weren’t the weakest force, 

Yes, we are still together, but as an unified callous blackhole, 

Engulfing all the love, joy and valued memories of our cosmic lifetime, 

But in a place from which they can never escape, 

At least we still live, with remanats of something beautiful we once had, 

With little or no hope of a cosmic rebirth!! 



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