Oh, will-o’-the-wisp of the magical swamp,

Oh, night wanderer of the ghostly damp,

Guide my way through your mystical lamp,

Please take me where the fairies camp!


I am tired to death, yet my spirit alive,

A little low on glow; it needs to revive,

Be my light, give me one lucky chance,

Please take me where the fairies dance!


My body has limits hence left it to rest,

But you can take my soul to the forbidden forest.

I want to be happy; I deserve to shine,

With wee folks, I wish to wine and dine!


Left my earthly cloak, behind to rust,

I wish to cleanse my spirit in pixie dust,

Bathe under a stream of silvery moonlight,

Sing the elven song of love and Delight!


I have crossed all humanly hurdles,

To be welcomed to the fairy circles,

Beyond which lies an enchanted castle,

A kingdom of peace, free of hustle-bustle!


But I am stuck here, lost my way,

Near a dark swamp, what can I say,

Oh dear, will-o’-the-wisp I think I am dead,

To say that to me, were you afraid?


But I know I was shedding my skin,

Moving to a strange place without any kin,

Then to me, you appeared as light,

You bestowed upon me a final wishful sight!


Oh, will-o’-the-wisp, I reached my end,

One last favour that only you can lend,

A simple wish, I promise it’s not grand,

Just take me to my beautiful fairyland!


I will tell them a story of a guiding champ,

A will-o’-the-wisp of the magical swamp,

The night wanderer of ghostly damp,

Through the brightness of its mystical lamp,

It showed me the way to my wishful fairy camp!




    • Thanks for reading Brad, not sure if i misfit the magical elements with a conceptual but fictional afterlife, as you are aware supernatural theme is one of my favorites, so I am always a bit skeptical on the delivery of the poetic content and its overall readability. So I have my doubts about this one, not that I am not content writing it.

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