Broken expectations

All my broken expectations

Painfully crushed emotions

Tiny shards of destruction

Sharp objects ready to kill

But still against all my will

I tend to make them my attire

Unsure of what I truly desire

I wear them as a crown

Numbing sanity off my mind

A medallion over my chest

Bleeding love out of my heart

As an insole in my shoes

Paralysing my way forward

A thorny aid on my hand

Stinging on my stronghold

A cloak of maddening illusion

That can only create a sad delusion

Why can’t I ever learn

That’s my big concern

Am I hopelessly hopeful

Or I like things hurtful

No matter how I rearrange

Some things will never change

In the end, what remains

The broken me and my pain!



  1. Bold, strong, and filled with emotion! Your writing has grown into a beautifully crafted form of expression. Line length, meter, rhyme, metaphor, hyperbole and all the other tools of the poet work magic in your hands. Well written, my friend! So proud of you!

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    • Thanks a lot for reading, Brad; such a comment coming from you means a lot to my craft. I have constantly tried to deliver better each time I write, but I agree that the subject matter is always not inspirational but rather an expression of what is more than what can be. But what’s most important is your feedback that continues to motivate me and help me with my writing. That’s why I can’t thank you enough.

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  2. Is it not enough to see the false as false?

    The entity that you think you are – is false

    You are the reality!

    Move beyond with this simple truth … assuming the existence of a phantom is only at the level of the mind … simply ignore.


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