From your Valentine

Our beautiful memories are locked safe within my core, they are just fine, 

Though they seem to be forgotten and rusted with time,

But don’t worry, each valentine I open them anew, and the dead feelings unwind,  

Like my favorite song of all times, I nostalgically play them in rewind! 

Lost in those memories all alone, I am thoughtfully entwined, 

This moment, kind of reminds me of an old tale, sad yet blissfully divine! 

Sure, life can be a rebellion against a lovely union, 

Like the tale of the priest who stood for love against the blood lusted dominions, 

He sold affection during age of brutal war, 

a martyred hecatomb of self, known in history by far, 

For bringing hearts together, death was his reward,

Hence God blessed him with love as his final award, 

And the notes to his lover were sacred and pristine, 

That’s why the world knows him today as the love saint Valentine! 

Hence, this very day, I remember the great saint’s and our love’s demise,

For love is not just gleeful sustenance, it also a dreaded sacrifice. 

At least, I still write emotion filled letters to you, mostly undelivered, never clearly defined, 

But always signed, still by the name “from your valentine” 



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