Game of Hearts

For long, we are playing a game of Squash,

On the rigid walls of our heart,

Hitting our emotions to and fro,

To an extent where pain,

Has concealed to numbness

We are in a competition of hate

And love is trailing long behind in this race…


Gone are those days, when we

Bloomed, in all seasons of our lives,

When compassion melted our souls, like

A frozen lakes exposed to first light of sun.

Probably too entangled into one another

Into inseparable knots, that once

Bound us… now suffocates…


Never thought our fate to be sealed as such,

Where the end is not a happy conclusion,

But an eternal confusion, whether to fight or flight

Or to keep playing with our emotions,

In this revengeful, never ending game of hearts…

Playing by heart



  1. This is very much filled with frustration, anger, and underlying malice.

    But it is written so well. And still, it is beautiful. Writing pain this well, is something not everyone can do.

    Very well done, Rain. I felt the raw, vulnerability, and felt myself aching, having been through the same thing.


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