Buddha once said “The root cause of all sufferings is attachment. “ I humbly agree to the great teachings. Once an old leaf was on the verge of falling from its tree and sadly said “we had a great time together, we are so close, why do i have to fall, why I am now not as attached to you as the new leaves”. The wise tree said that once you wither, fall and disintegrate you become the part of same earth from which I rise, so we are truly never separated”. While our attachment gave meaning to our lives and memories to cherish, the true principle of life is universal freedom of oneself and acceptance of our part in the cosmic balance of the universe. Attachments will always remain in one form to another and will give us the reason to live, however finding the identity of self will help us understand the true meaning of life!! 



  1. Being a stoic Buddhist for years and I completely agree with that, the last portion of your post I expand on from my observation through contemplation and application of different principles in life. We are not permanent but our consciousness is, so death is a transition of that and understanding attachment as inevitable, to be able to let go is where I have come to. Because holding on or letting go, I am, and will always be.


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