No Appreciation

You call me an ultimate beauty, yet have asked me to beg for recognition,

You taught me, to win, display every nook of your raw talented perfection,

You Warned me “attract an audience”, otherwise all you will get is rejection,

If I was that special, should have I not been a treasure worthy for exploration.


You told me there are millions amazing souls in this world for us to follow,

To be inspired from them, a hoard of their skilled knowledge for us to swallow,

Following is motivation, but then you tagged me average in their comparison,

What happened to my so called shine, no more unique in carrying any passion?


I know you are reading this book of life with million of intriguing voices,

Carefully reading chapters, that stir your soul based on your likable choices,

Within those pages there is also a chapter about me, not sure if its in your fate,

What you haven’t read, how can you judge as mediocre, how can you even rate?

Guess you did see me, but only in false flattering words, I was never in your taste!


So let me tell you, the definition of marvel lies in everyone’s individual perception,

Every craft is wonderful, its only the self doubt in oneself, with causes false deception,

Sure we move in a world ,with infinite great flairs, but we too are rare as God’s creation,

If you ever cared to ask my opinion, I would say “True beauty needs no appreciation” !!





  1. A wonderful poem! I love the form and the conversational tone. It forces the reader to consider their own thoughts on what appreciation and recognition mean. That which is beautiful remains beautiful, whether we choose to appreciate it or not. Well written, my friend!


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