Frozen Heart

Today she visited the gravestone of my feelings, 

With handpicked bouquet of my own sad poetries, 

Narrating my burning emotions to my forever frozen heart, 

She shares such memories which would even make an Autum blossom, 

But then our love was long dead, much before I killed all of my feelings, 

Now how am I supposed to reconcile dead ends, 

In life what existed between us, was faint memory of something beautiful, 

Now she wishes to rekindle a fire in my cold heart, 

Hoping it will melt into a hopeful desire, but not sure if she understands, 

All she will ever ignite is pain, scarred by cold insufferable burn of my perished feelings.

Engraving another failed attempt on the tombstone of an already dead love story!



  1. This is beautifully descriptive with such lovely metaphors. It is deep and full of touchpoints for the reader to connect with. It is a sad story, but it is told with great strength and honesty. Well written, my friend!


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