Rubrum Daemonium

It was shaped like a horned skull, a mystery interstellar rock,

Named as Rubrum Daemonium, and the world was in a stellar shock.

It has travelled dark years, will pass earth in the closest flyby,

This entity from a strange galaxy will be visible in our morning sky!

They say the bizarre object is large enough to eclipse our majestic sun,

Neither night nor day, for eleven whole minutes a crimson aurora will run.

With this unearthly spectacle, billion raw eyes will forever stun,

A living nightmare will embed deep in your conscience, one very hard to shun!

As the sinister alien body conquers the airspace tainting it red,

Humanity stands still, transfixed at that moment, they all appear dead.

Not just an unknown visitor, the craft has secret plans,

Unleashing shadow minions, dedicated workers of its evil clan!

They could sneak and snatch human souls from their bodily shadows,

Replace them with their shady offspring’s, until insanity endows.

While the mothership is harvesting the trapped souls that’s human,

Earth is witnessing the birth of a new race called Novus Inhumans!

Death and destruction are their only way to nurture,

Having the power to bend and crush every element of nature.

Raising raging storms, jolting quakes, fatal freezing lands without any care,

End of the eleventh minute, half the world is sinking, half is burning in flares!

To depict the end of the world, do I need a dark fictional tale,

We all know our fates, look at the current situation that prevails,

When you fail to nurture, nature will surely turn stale,

It’s not this eerie fantasy, it’s our harsh reality that makes me pale!



  1. I love the transition from our focus above to where our world is today. You build a sense of dread and doom with great imagery. This is very nuanced so keep that in mind should someone not quite “get it”. Well written, my friend!


  2. This is a narrative horror poem that depicts our times and especially this year of 2020.

    Interesting a lot of what was written here was actually seen by mystics and saints throughout the ages about what the end of the world was like.

    It is as if the visions of these mystics and saints was combined with the research of French UFO researcher Jacques Vallee on alien abductions and the themes of some 1950s sci-fi films to form one heck of an excellent read of a narrative horror poem.


  3. The words are terrifying. The gruesome reality of humanity and the fatal fate because of not caring for the nature.
    Wonderfully and powerful write. An alarm of terror did hit my head.


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