Path of tears

I don’t wipe my tears,

I just let them fall!

From crimson wet eyes,

A face that often cries.

Down my soaked cheeks,

A path they madly seek.

One leading to my heart,

Where they aren’t apart.

Like rapids eager to unite,

They meet with delight,

Yet brings me no respite.

Depression is a storm,

Breaks their sole form.

Until they lash out again,

In a sad cycle of pain!

***************POEM 1************

I don’t wipe my tears,

I allow them to fall!

Every tear that I cry,

Carve a map when dry.

Road to sad memories,

A lane of lonely stories.

And in them, I am lost,

Unaware of the ultimate cost!

You can see it on my face,

Once without any grimace.

Urge you to pull me out,

For how long I should shout.

Is there any value to my tears?

In front of your selfish fears,

You say I am very dear,

Then why don’t you seem near?

For once, wipe them for me,

So, this life clearly, I can see.

But you won’t ever borrow,

The burden of my sorrows.

Hence you appear unknown,

I have to figure it out on my own?

Until then, I won’t wipe my tears,

I would just let them fall!

Maybe in their path; I will know it all!

*************POEM 2*****************

Closeup of one female eye and tear on her cheek.

Like most of my work, these poems as well is dedicated to my mommy ( my everything). But today a special dedication to my Grandpa on his death anniversary, I know he still looks after me from up there and its because of him I am whatever I am today.

I have written two poems, with same concept and title, but in my opinion both are different in nature, the first one is an inner story of a path of tears, while the other speaks about its value to the outer world. Whether inside or an outside story, both shares one common moral and as per me that is self reflection, if we are aware of self not only we can understand what’s happening within but also understand the outer world.

Hope you will read and reflect upon the post – Rain Alchemist.



  1. Sorry for your loss. Expressing sorrow is a necessary step to acceptance. And then moving on. We all hold a part of those we love in us. The grief eases in its own time and memories stay and comfort us. Blessings to you on this journey.

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  2. I love the dual inferences of your two poems. Both are beautiful individually, but together they offer a more rounded view of the subject. The form and language continues to showcase your talent for writing. All the tears have their reasons for existence. It is how we cleanse the soul of our feelings of loss. Shed the tears you must, seek the smiles that linger, and stay strong brother V!

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