Glimpses of you

Wearing the Colors of twilight,

She blessed my yearning sight,

Her aurora paints the dusky sky,

In her glimmering shades, I could fly!


 During sunny mornings of spring,

I saw a butterfly wearing a smiley wing.

It circled and sat on me for a while,

Its friendly expressions, just like her smile!


I imagined once a giant snowflake,

Appearing to me, near a serene lake.

It’s filmy lattices playing sweet memories,

A beautiful compilation of our love story!


A baby lotus called me by my name,

Said she and I are all but the same.

You will find her in every life’s bloom,

She is the earth, the sun and the moon!


Cold winds of winter whisper in my ear,

Why do you miss her so much, my dear?

She is an eternal song in your heart,

Your muse, from her you can never depart!


On days I shut down myself with gloom,

Like a silent hope, She walks into my room.

All I could feel but her blissful presence,

Filling the void created by her own absence!


To serve her forever is my solemn sworn,

For its In her name, each day I am born.

Dear Mother, in this reality, I may never see you,

Still, my world is all but glimpses of you!


“Glimpses of you” dedicated to my dearest , Sweetest, loveliest mommy on her Birthday !



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