Vote for Rain Alchemist

Dear Readers and Friends

It looks like your average small-time writer, Rain alchemist (that’s me), is getting lucky. Over the past few months, from winning the month’s publication to being nominated for publication of the year and having a few posts on the trending and popular list, Spillwords press has been kind to recognise my work. Now they have nominated me for Author of April month. While all this is unbelievable to me, It’s also equally exciting. Hence, I want to thank you for your likes, comments, and feedback that have helped me understand my worth as a writer. And by any chance, if you are an admirer of my work, vote for me @

Please note voting is open until 29 April 2022, and you have to log in via your Twitter, Facebook or Google account on spill words to vote.

Your support means a great deal to me.

Dedicated to my dearest, loveliest mommy ( my everything)



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