Life has petrified me at this moment,

Within a confined space of my sorrows.

Turning me into an opaque black stone,

Outside, I pretend to be unbreakable.

Inside, I possess an anxious longing,

To absorb the light of your sympathy.

But you tell me, I am too mature to pity,

I do not need the world’s lousy empathy!

It’s easy to say, cut all your expectations,

In reality, it’s tough to follow this notion!

But no worries, this stage will also pass,

Time doesn’t erode joy but also pain!

Alone with this agony, I shall sustain,

For how long I will bear this dark stain,

I too will change, if I survive to remain.

This adversity will only strengthen my core,

To hopelessness, I will say “No more.”

And then I would not need you around,

If I rise from the chaos, that surrounds.

I am not like you, wise and ignorant,

With your fancy words of courage,

And your estranged presence,

I choose my stubborn emotional self,

With compassion, I will prefer to glow,

Still sharing my warmth with you,

If life ever gives you a terrifying blow!



  1. I am well overdue in getting back to your last communication and I apologize for that. I know you are struggling right now and I have allowed my own interests and wants to proceed being a good supportive friend. For that, I sincerely apologize. All that being said, this is a wonderfully written piece. Full of emotion and feeling, yet delivered in a pragmatic tone that dissuades becoming overly emotional. You express the pain of struggle, but show no marriage to it. You keep a light at the end of the tunnel for all to see and reach for. I will be in touch soon!


    • You do not have to apologise Brad. I already have enough support from you. You have helped me give shape to my writing which is the second love of my life. But right now the first love is suffering, so I have to be by her side. Thanks for reading my work, and like the poem, my present reality will also see the light at the end of the tunnel. I am confident of that. Writing is the only way I can express, so maybe what came out is crude pain and a reflection of my present reality. Your interests and wants are essential to me as well, as the by-product of them is your wonderful poetry which has always given me hope. You take your time; I know you are still by my side. Take care, brother!


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