December’s Rain

I have lived eternally long winters,

within the despaired confines of my heart,

Where I have built a solitary castle.

With the rough edges of my iced emotions,

I have carved its isolated walls keen, 

Allowing only agony to befriend me,

With pain; I made a pact,

Like snow, I will stay pale forever!


You came in my life,

Like a miracle December’s rain,

Melting me free, from severe,

Icy grips of my deep sorrows,

All my feelings flowed recklessly,

From the mountains of new hope, 

After long, I gasped the breath,

Of love, that transformed me,

To be limitless and significant,

Once again, I felt free!

But I fear…

December rains are very rare,

Unseasoned in a tragic life,

Like the legendary union of,  

Snow and rain, who cross paths, 

At times by fate, to be one again…

Birthing a short but incredible love story!

What’s the end of my tale, I am not sure?

Will, it be frozen in pages of time,

Or yearning showers of,

December’s rain will remain as my cure!

Re-writing one of my old poem dedicated to rare December’s rain.



  1. I love the structure of your stanzas. The first captures the feelings before the rain. The second revels in the joy of finding the rain has come. And the third rounds it all out in divulging the fears that remain about something so rare. It is beautifully articulated with stunning imagery and nuanced metaphor. You have used water in its varying states to highlight how things can be vastly different when acted on by outside sources. I will not ever be able to witness the rain in December and not think back to this wonderful poem. Well written, my good friend!

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