A letter to Madam Sleep

Dear madam sleep, I thought we were good friends,

Until you refused to embrace my weary eyes, this became your inimical trend.

Hence I started to dream, with my eyes wide open,

Didn’t want to give up, no matter how much I was shaken.

But is there any value in my forever consistent tries,

Lady fate disapproves of my plans, my attempts she denies.

Look if master time would have not confined me into a physical space of worries,

I wouldn’t have cared for age bound success even in millions of centuries!

Yes, the little hope is a flickering candle that burns the core of my heart,

Otherwise, this gifted life is too windy to hold on to before finally drifting me apart.

Ms. Sweet happiness is like a favourite musical note trapped in my subconscious,

I always fail to feel her full essence, even after several reminders to my conscious.

Mister loneliness is a silent companion who has befriended me for long,

The dark mantle that gave me a lot of pain yet made me somehow strong.

You know a great death, waits for all at the corner of one’s journey,

As the ultimate judge of a man’s worth, like a universal attorney!

While this lovely mundane world can be for or against a favor,

I know this life is a lone battle, all its experiences I need to savor.

In this friendless society, I thought abstract forms of life were my closest allies,

They too turned their back upon me, now on whom I should rely?

But I have something more powerful than a combined force of you all,

The priceless gem of the universe, my soul, stands above you tall,

I will rekindle my inner self, birthing a new gallant story,

Compelling you all to reconsider my efforts, be friendly support in my self defined glory!

Dear madam sleep, are you convinced now, is my determination well tested?

Kindly for once share your touch, it’s been a while I have not properly rested!



  1. I really like this, V! You have taken a common malady and personalized it in a way that gives it so much power. Although you expound on more ethereal emotions, you never leave the subject at large. You have succeeded at what most writers are trying to do, which is make the common seem uncommon. Well written, my friend! I hope you get your deserved rest, my friend!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks a lot, Brad for reading and putting my words in perspective. Your comments do mean a lot and indicate that you get what I wanted fo to say. Thanks for your support, I hope too I get the rest I wish for. Take care my friend πŸ™‚πŸ™

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